We are a clinical technology management company that offers full support services while still maintaining the highest quality of service on equipment and limited delay in patient care. Our goal is not to replace your current staff but to manage them more efficiently. These cost savings have allowed the hospital to readjust budgets to invest in newer capital equipment, investment growth opportunities, and renovate current locations. GME is considered a spearhead of technology by partnering with MEDZON who created new Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms.


We pride on not only representing your hospital but being part of the hospital to collaborate on the best Capital Budget Planning and also managing the systems already set in place. We monitor the team we assign to your site to make sure they meet your needs …. Client is first not Bureaucracy!

GME is available 24/7 on the phone or to be onsite for any technical support needed on any system.Our technology is the forefront of creating that great communication by using:
CMMS: GME offers the best management system to maintain all of your sites documentation needs. Our records of preventative maintenance and service reports will satisfy any inspection agency.

It will meet all your HIPAA regulations.

We can offer packages that allow your site to have full access to our database, with the ability to create your own service reports. A great advantage is that our site can send instant alerts to Techs in the field with our mobile apps. No service request will be lost.


GME has partnered with Medzon an international company whose focus is the advancement in technology in healthcare. Medzon’s philosophy is “Revolutionizing Healthcare” where they have placed a focus on reducing cost through Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technology applications. How is this achieved? One of Medzon’s platforms is to place servers in hospital to capture data logs from medical equipment. With these logs they will be able to accomplish many tasks:

Predict equipment failure 7 days before it happens to allow engineer to have the parts in hand and to perform the repair with minimal disruption to caseloads.

Learn how equipment is being utilized and train staff on more proficient techniques.
Determining equipment use and provide other revenue generation procedures.
Prepare hospital for realistic Capital Budget Schedules.
Guarantee 99% of uptime on equipment.
Identify the failure of system to implorer best practice solutions.